COVID-19 and The Future of Work with F-LEX

Manchester Legal Hackers and F-LEX take a look at the world of work in life after COVID-19.

Have you ever tried to explain your career plans or studies to your parents or grandparents? It’s common to experience blank, confused or amused reactions because each generation has seen huge shifts in titles, work attitudes, skills and tools for the job.

Just when we thought change couldn’t happen any faster, almost overnight coronavirus changed where we work, how we work and highlighted who are society’s ‘key workers’. So with this rate of change, what will the world of work look like in 5 months, 5 years or 50 years?

Louise Anderson, Head of the Northern Hub for F-LEX will give a brief history of how work has evolved, how coronavirus has impacted the legal industry and explore what the future may hold in store for the next generation of lawyers.

Tickets to this exciting (and free) virtual event are limited and going fast, so get yours on eventbrite now!

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